Project Outline and Scope

Major Areas of Learning:

1.) Biblical Teaching / Spiritual Formation: Old and New Testament Survey, Hermeneutics, Apologetics and Evangelism, Spiritual Disciplines, Role of the Holy Spirit, Basic Christian Doctrine and Theology, Principles of the Church / Church History, and more…

2.) Leadership and  Character Development: Leadership Principles, Missional Thinking and Engagement, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Personal Finance and Biblical Views of Money, and more…

3.) Clarity of Identity and Calling: Dating and relationships, Biblical masculinity / femininity, Personality and Gifting, Vocational direction

4.) Practical Skills: Each student will choose an area of interest to work in throughout the school year and over the course of the year create a portfolio with a year long student project. Think of this as a "mini-apprenticeship" where a students gain hands on experience and knowledge in an area of interest. These studies are guided by the input of area leaders in the field as well as the "Vox Team". This means every student leaves with the ability to make or create something... and has marketable skills to offer whether they are used in terms of their vocation or are developed as meaningful hobbies or side ventures later in life. 

Our Schedule:

  • Program runs concurrent with academic school year. (Move In Aug. 29-30, Classes Start Sept. 1st, 2015 - May 7th, 2016)

Travel and Adventure:

  • Roughly 7-10 Days each month are spent in experiential based learning enviroment.

    • The 6 trips are split 50/50 between “missions” trips and adventure trips, all trips have teaching components embedded with learning exercises

    • Students participate in the trip “planning” process and develop the areas of practical skills involved.

    • Schedule for 2015-2016 (Tentative)

      • Eleuthera, Bahamas 

      • Costa Rica 

      • Allendale, SC

      • Atlanta, GA (Alt. NYC or Detroit)

      • Kayak & Beach Trip

      • Backpacking & Caving

      • Colorado; Skiing and Moab; Rock Climbing

      • Optional: Biking Trip (during spring break)

Regular Scheduling:

  • The remaining weeks of each month are standard programming as follows:

    • Morning Classroom Blocks  (9 - 11:50, Mon. - Fri.) 

    • Afternoon Blocks:

      • Mon - Open; Reading, Writing, Laundry, Fitness Req., Working on Projects

      • Tues - “Micro Apprenticeships” / VoX Make time (cf. Areas of Interest)

      • Wed - Open; Reading, Writing, Laundry, Fitness Req., Working on Projects

      • Th - “Serving in the city” / VoX Serve (cf. Ministry Partners)

      • Fri - “Work Day” /  VoX Work (LUL camp)

    • Evening Blocks:

      • Mon - Discipleship / Gender Specific Teaching (Organic Setting)

      • Wed - Family Groups / Worship

    • Sunday; Worship at a partner church


  • Early Registration is $16,500 and ends June 1st.

  • Standard Registration is $17,500 starting June 2nd.

  • Includes: All room and board, classroom books and materials, and all travel experiences. A student can come with nothing more than some spending money and be set for the year. 

  • Creative financial options are available including fundraising, 3rd party financing, and payment plans.