Coursework Overview

All students participate in the following 11 classes as part of their experience at Vox Bivium. In giving students college credit through our partner school, Cairn University, students can use their time at Vox as a launchpad into whatever God is calling them into next. These classes are designed to benefit both the student who feels compelled to go on to complete a degree after their time at Vox or for the student who might just want to build a solid foundation before going into the workforce. Whatever situation students find themselves in, these classes will equip them to succeed in whatever God is leading them into.

Coursework Overview. Courses include Introduction to the Bible, The Old Testament, The Mission of God and Role of the Church, Speech and Public Speaking, The New Testament, Personal Finance, Ministry Leadership and Management, Introduction to Christian Theology, Vocare (Latin for Vocation), Biblical Femininity and Masculinity, Lifetime Fitness and Wellness. All of our twenty four college credits are through Cairn University and taught by credentialed professors.