Developing better clarity around who God is, who you are, and your part in His story.


Vox Bivium is a nine month, adventure program located in Travelers Rest, SC for high school graduates and college-age young adults who accept the quest to gain better clarity and understanding for who they are and what God has called them to do. Our program provides guidance for those who seek the junction where their “deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet”, where they learn what they most need to do, and what the world needs most to have done. This junction, this crossroads is where Christ calls us.

“The voice at the crossroads” is Vox Bivium.


"We believe the best life is one devoted to living out God’s purpose for us. Christians accept this belief as truth; however, this truth also transcends Christianity throughout the world at large. As a result, we believe in the value of asking, “What is the meaning of life?”, or for the Christ follower, “What has God called me to do?”

When we intentionally capture and leverage certain windows of time — “gaps,” if you will —spiritual formation and leadership development occur with higher success and yield lifelong results.

This type of learning and development happens best under these conditions:

-Guided by the input, investment & mentoring of competent leaders and teachers.

-Carried out in cooperation with the surrounding community.

-Experience and adventure to solidify and galvanize these lessons.

-Combination of classroom and hands-on learning."

~Josh Pedersen, President and Founder of Vox Bivium



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